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Comments from Area Residents and Visitors Regarding the PIP Facility

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We need local butchers to take and process local animals from local farmers. We do not need an industrial slaughter plant from an out-of-state vertically integrated factory farming corporation on top of one of the most karstic and susceptible areas around.

As a business owner in Viroqua and one who relies on the creeks I am very concerned with the impact of a slaughter house in our area. It’s impact on tourism, anglers, water, traffic patterns, family farms, and property value impact me and all of our customers that come to recreate and spend money in our area. Please take a look at the economic impact statement from trout unlimited to see the millions of dollars that angling brings to our county each year.

As a 5th generation owner of a farm within 1 mile of this planned operation I strongly feel this slaughter house is entirely inappropriate for the area and Should not even be considered. Just Plain Wrong! If our local township and State can’t protect us from something like this, Who can? Please, don’t let this happen it is a huge mistake!

I have fished this area of the Driftless many times and stayed in and around Viroqua. Considering the term ‘Driftless’ is used to describe the most biologically diverse spring creek eco-sytem in the world even naming this operation after it is virtually absurd considering the pork producing industry’s long standing record in causing watershed degradation in other areas. The (corporation) will pocket the profits while the citizens of Vernon County and its loss of tourism will be left to deal with the inevitable mess. Also, the further draw down of groundwater ‘estimated’ will just be the start. Soon the local streams will be mere trickles of their former selves as further increases will be sought once the operations are established and the demand for expansions are made. Once the farms are started then your children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy tranquil weekends next to the manure ponds that always must accompany rearing operations. The future they promise you is bright with mostly sludge.

An operation this size will eventually have a catastrophic issue. It is not a matter of if, but when… 2 years from now, 5, 10…100. But it will inevitably happen, poisoning ground water. At that point, we’ll find the descendants of those that allowed out of state corporate profit to trump the health of the local taxpayers… And we’ll make sure they know that their forefathers were the ones that thought we might not want drinking water free of pig feces. Pass this and your constituents will one day have to face horrible environmental consequences.

As a fly fisherman and Bed and Breakfast owner we are strongly opposed to hog CAFOs in Vernon County.

I am concerned about the impact such an industrial farming facility would have on our region’s water for human and animal consumption. I am a taxpaying land owner and oppose such a facility.

The Viroqua area is one of the great places in the U.S. I can’t wait to visit again. Let’s keep it clean.

Travel to the Westby/Viroqua area 2-3 weekends every year to fly fish, bike, and enjoy the vibrant small towns and farms. The type operation proposed would ruin the sense of place that the locals have worked so hard to maintain, and that we appreciate so much as visitors.

We’ve been working to protect our waters for decades and this facility threatens the health of our trout streams, swimming and drinking water.

We visit Viroqua annually and will likely purchase property for vacations. CAFO’s are diametrically opposed to the business and agriculture culture Viroqua evidences.

I want to maintain the integrity of our water, the family farm ethic of caring for the land and the neighbors and encouraging ethical care of animals. I will work to sustain these values in our community.

As someone who spends many tourism dollars and is seasonally employed due to healthy waterways in the area, I say NO WAY. Keep our waterways clean and CAFO Free

The repercussions of this facility are large enough that the citizens of Vernon County should have a referendum on the matter.

This is a very important petition. We must protect our water for the health of our community.

One pig poops as much as 10 humans each day. Chemicals will be used to clean the plant, then enter our water table. No reason is appropriate enough to take this s**t. It’s a bad idea. So much for that nice bike trail, for real estate in that area. There are so many reasons why this pig plant shouldn’t happen.

I am an avid tourist to Viroqua and spend thousands of dollars annually in fishing, food, and lodging. To loose this gem of a resource would be travesty.

If they must pollute the environment, let it be their own! Stay out of the driftless area!

This is wrong for this community and limestone drainage that feeds our clean water resources!

I live very close and wonder how our good well might be affected. The facility sounds awful and like a threat to our local health, water, air quality, traffic safety… a long list! Please take time to carefully consider cooperating with this plan!!!

Please protect the health of our people and our natural resources by refusing this project!

I come to the driftless to fly fish at least a doz times per year. I bring my son and other fishing buddies. We camp, we stay in motels, we eat like kings and drink like fish. Operations like this will force us to head into Michigan instead. Please don’t approve the hog biz!

Just say NO to corporate greed.

This cannot happen to our community!

The whole area is going to smell from this proposed project, just as the cattle slaughter houses do in California. That is why they situated them in the middle of nowhere by the freeway. Bad decision to allow this kind of business to operate in the area.

Clean, safe drinking water is more important than profit. We need to look at long-term goals for safe water vs profit.

As someone who grew up in Vernon County, and whose ancestors were some of the first white persons to settle there, I am sincerely alarmed by the proposal to take on this industrial farm waste water. Please permanently refuse wastewater from this facility at the Viroqua, Sparta, and LaCrosse treatment plants.

Thank you for helping to protect our beautiful Driftless area. I do not want to see it destroyed by the hog industry. Our sensitive Karst geology and vulnerable water supply are essential to preserving a healthy and thriving future for families and businesses.

Putting a pig plant between two growing cities that are just a few miles apart is the worst idea ever. It also negates all of the time, effort, and taxpayer money that was put into the bike trail to connect the Two Towns. It will diminish the prices of Real Estate in this area and compromise the water quality.

My husband and I support and work in the fishing industry that includes the Viroqua area. This proposed plan will jeopardize the health of the many spring creeks and trout populations in the area.

I have been traveling from IL to the drifltess area in Wisconsin for over 25 years. I primarily camp, fish and hike in this beautiful natural treasure. I also spend considerable money at all of the local businesses. I’m horrified that a large industrial scale animal processing plant may open in the area. It would be a great environmental and economic detriment to the area.

While I am not a resident I want to voice my opposition to this proposed development. As a sportsman and visitor to this area the proposed land use and it’s environmental impact I believe would have very detrimental effects on the area. Industrial agriculture is in direct conflict with the Vernon county economy. Large scale meat processing and confinement livestock farming is the last thing I would have expected to see come to Vernon County. As this petition points out the geology of the region is very vulnerable to this type of water use and disposal Time and again we see accidents, spills and leaks from industrial farming operations in the news and in addition the effects on the water table from high capacity wells especially in a region like the Kickapoo valley could be especially detrimental. Tell Iowa Premium Pork to go back to Iowa!

Hog operations can be built almost anyplace. Cold water streams, trout and other features unique to the area do not exist every place and are comparatively rare.

It is wrong to bring in this type of facility from out of the area to a small family oriented tourist town. Especially an organic area. Nothing good can come from it.

I am a tourist to the Driftless region, visiting the restaurants, shops, local fly shop, hiring guides, etc. This type of facility could have a large negative impact on the Driftless environment, and this would also impact the livelihood of its residents and the overall economy.

I fully support economic opportunity but NOT when it endangers the environment.

After all the work it took to restore the Driftless Area and it’s pristine trout streams, a project such as this is completely irresponsible and incredibly short-sighted. Take it from someone who lives near Kewaunee County and knows first hand the type of impact that altering and/or disturbing groundwater can have on the local streams, rivers and lakes. This is a BAD idea.

Hunter, angler, outdoorsman and concerned tax payer hoping the environment in Wisconsin remains its crowned jewel!

Please protect our water resources. Please protect our community from large commercial waste that degrades our community.

It is very important to preserve the natural resources by protecting the water, land, and air in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. I have been coming to the Viroqua area for years specifically for the fishing and outdoors. It is very unique and special and I don’t want to see that compromised or destroyed

Would hate to see this beautiful area affected by industrial farming. I spend a lot of time in the viroqua area trout fishing and don’t want to see the pristine trout waters disappear

This part of wisconsin is such a beautiful area with great trout fishing! I would hate to see an industry of this nature being built in this area. This is simply not a sustainable way to develop a community.

I’m in the market to purchase land and property in Vernon County, but this puts my search on hold until it’s known that it won’t impact the rivers and streams.

Looking at moving my family to Vernon County near Viroqua. This type of agriculture is detrimental to the greater good, and counter to what makes the region such a treasure.

We’re regular visitors to the Driftless area for fly fishing, and are deeply concerned that such a massive producer would destroy the watershed, both by drawing water from the aquifer, and in possible effluent spills or discharges as were seen recently on Castle Rock Creek.