Violation PIP 4-18-13 (Enforcement action by USDA in the PIP Hospers, IA plant regarding humane slaughter)

FSIS Violations – Inhumane slaughter, failure to provide water, frostbite as a result of transportation.

Wastewater and Manure Violations – applying manure and wastewater over and over to the same land at a rate that runs into the Floyd river.

12 1030 Geology and hydrology of the Vernon County pilot study area
(by Kelvin S. Rodolfo, Ph.D. – Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Learn more about Karst topography.

What is a CAFO?  (confined animal feeding operation)

The Environmental Impact of Factory Farms

Risk Assessment Evaluation for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (by the National Service Center for Environmental Publications)

Premium Iowa Pork Implicated in New York Times Article (Chipotle suspended a major pork supplier for not meeting their Responsibly Raised standard)